Healthcare Writing

Colleen Shannon, Freelance Medical Writer

Policy makers

Air pollution and health

It was an honour to work with this panel of leading experts, to produce Every breath we take: The lifelong impact of air pollution, a landmark report from the Royal College of Physicians. My role was to make this scientific material accessible to the public, the media and policy makers. I advised on the artwork and key messages, and wrote summaries to express these messages in clear and powerful English.

Medical training

To become consultants, trainee physicians must pass a series of examinations set by the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians. Since 2009, I've been writing the annual review about these exams. We've recently published a prospectus, too. I have written regular e-newsletters for senior physicians and trainees, and advised on strategic communications plans. You can also read our academic paper on the Federation's international work, in Clinical Medicine.