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Colleen Shannon, Freelance Medical Writer

Health journalism

The People's Friend

One of my favourite assignments is writing a weekly health feature for The People's Friend. We have 400,000 loyal readers every week, and I enjoy keeping them up-to-date on all aspects of health. The latest medical advances, living with a long-term condition, staying active, eating well, and enjoying good mental health are all part of the brief. If you'd like to see some examples of this work, please get in touch.


The story that brought rugby, boxing and ballet together under one roof turned out to be one of my favourite assignments, in my report on the country’s top dance medicine centre, published by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. I've covered many other topics for the Society's magazine, such as care for teenagers, asthma treatment, and even horse therapy.

Information for parents

My work for the popular parenting website Babycentre was shortlisted for the Guild of Health Writers online journalism award. Read about parenting premature babies. I’ve also written about high-risk pregnancies, complications of labour, neonatal medical conditions and autism spectrum disorders in babies and young children. If you're wondering whether the little ones should use your phone or tablet, have a look at my article about screen time for babies and young children.